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valor noun
Definition of valor
: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery

Synonymous with the word “strength,” the name “valor” was a no-brainer when choosing what to call our All-American gutter guard brand. Our gutter guards are a strong and sturdy product, but the team behind our brand and its story are strong, too.

Without our people, Valor Gutter Guards could not be what it is today. We seek out team members who showcase a special resilience in their respective personal and professional journeys. This strength of both character and spirit allows our company to push forward during all seasons, and not just the calendar ones. While calendar seasons certainly impact the nature of our business (rainy seasons are especially relevant in the gutter guard industry), the “seasons” of business are equally as impactful on our ability to thrive as a company.

As our brand has progressed and withstood the trials and tribulations that each new season brings, our team’s collective strength has been rooted in opportunity. Each member of our team has found a way to turn the seemingly simple company concept of gutter guards into an endless supply of opportunities for growth, making each person a strong asset to our company.

To give back to our team, we are dedicated to providing them with opportunities to succeed, not only in their current roles with Valor but in their future career endeavors as well. We encourage and provide opportunities for continuing education, career advancement, and team bonding to strengthen professional skills and our team dynamics.

Why Choose Valor

Like all “instant success” stories, tireless creators have a history of working endless hours to perfect their ideas and transition them into marketable products. This has led to industry-changing innovations such as Apple iPhones and Tesla’s Electric Cars.

Today, Valor Gutter Guards joins that effort in producing a gutter protection system that has changed the future of that industry. They have partnered with designers, installers, and homeowners to make a gutter guard that works in all geographic areas built solidly and affordable.

Our product is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with patented raised screen micromesh technology. The innovation of the raised S-Curve design allows water tension to be broken and pull water into the guard. The raised design also lifts debris to allow air and water to flow under, wicking away the debris off the guard. In addition, the sturdy louvered frame directs airflow to keep your gutters working in optimal performance. Our gutter guard is making history every day, intending to protect nearly every gutter in the U.S.A.

  • Fits all gutter & roof types
  • Both Flat wing & Bent Wing Configurations
  • 4 standard color options in aluminum
  • Copper & Painted Aluminum frames are available

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